Nothing will transform your business like happiness

We’ll supercharge your business by supporting & maintaining team productivity, relationships and overall wellness through the crisis.

the core of effective teams

Far from being 'fluffy', a managed collaborative employee culture is a vital pillar of business success.

Now more than any other time, your team culture may be the difference between getting through Covid-19 intact, and being derailed by a disoriented and mis-aligned group of people struggling to find their feet in a strange new world.

what we offer

7 tightly focused modules, delivered as video workshops for teams of varying size that can be adapted to suit the needs of the business and individuals:



  • Why what we’re going to do together is vital now.
  • How what we’ll share has longer term value to you.
  • What the programme covers, and how you can participate.
  • Scheduling in sessions.
  • What informs our work.
  • Who we are, what we do.



  • Brief on adapting then focusing on the 4 pillars of team culture:
  • Trust, rhythm, connection, communication.
  • How to extend psychological safety into remote working.
  • Planning and encouraging participation with a ‘culture canvas’.
  • Upskilling leaders’ emotional intelligence (how to model and lead in these uncertain times).
  • Resetting expectations and establishing support teams.
  • The value of compassionate empathy and vulnerability.
  • Building culture with a long-term view.



  • Clear structure of new routines and boundaries.
  • Creating the capacity for change through a weekly skills update.
  • Aligning technology (equipment and usage abilities).
  • Assessing and responding to core needs.
  • Creating a functional, supportive home working space.
  • Setting boundaries. People and place.
  • Maximum productivity through deep v shallow work time.
  • Adapted reporting lines and smaller support teams.
  • Managing goals, deadlines and deliverables.
  • Essential wellness guidelines.



  • Planning ahead for each video meeting.
  • The best tech / platform option for your needs.
  • Understanding video meeting etiquette (courtesy + efficient process).
  • Ensuring that everyone feels included.
  • Dealing with disengagement, using conscious language, eye contact.
  • Posture, expressions and volume.
  • Session structures that create desired outcomes.
  • Physical environments.
  • Zoom Boss and session leadership.
  • Introducing fun to add humanity.



  • The role of purpose within culture.
  • Understanding different brain states.
  • Recognising new team dynamics.
  • Identifying grassroots leaders.
  • Setting goals from short to long-term.
  • The power of ‘anchoring into the future’.
  • Overcoming barriers - transtheoretical behaviour change model.
  • Supporting with structure and connection.



  • What resilience is and isn’t.
  • Self-compassion, self accountability and modelling.
  • Taking responsibility and finding nourishment.
  • Managing self-talk. The inner critic and chattering voice.
  • Watching for triggers. The ‘spot, review, choose’ approach.
  • Habits that build resilience:
    • Quiet time
    • Mindfulness and presence
    • Phrase for the day
    • Body-mind connecting.
    • Boundary setting
    • Better sleep, conscious eating
    • Filling your 3 buckets
  • Buddy-ups and the honest conversation checklist.



  • Breath + body connection. 3-chamber breathing.
  • Grounding with the embodied stance.
  • Stability and balance.
  • Building core strength.
  • Energising and releasing.
  • Movement for connection and trust-building (social choreography -Michael Klien social realisation & relationships).
  • Hydration and eating patterns.
  • Better sleep.


  1. 30mins – Introduction + enrolment
  2. 40mins – Boosting team cohesion through culture
  3. 40mins – Productivity by remote
  4. 40mins – Meaningful video meetings
  5. 40mins – Mojo motivation in uncertain times
  6. 40mins – Nurturing resilience
  7. 40mins – Mind-needs-body connection

Format and
Follow up

Depending on the size of the organisation, we recommend minimum 8 people to max 12 people for each module.

Modules can be run concurrently within an organisation to suit the best needs of the team's requirements. After each module session, a follow up email and supporting materials will be provided and ongoing support as when required.

the team

Our core team is supported by:

  • A clinical psychologist
  • Analytics experts
  • Leadership & performance coaches
  • Wellness director and psychotherapist
  • Specialist movement coaches
  • Creative director and design team

Programme Director

Managing Director


What do
people say?

While we had recognised the need ourselves to look at our values, vision and overall culture, we needed help to guide us along a journey. The team did a great job in that regard, so that we have come out of the experience with a unified sense of what we are doing, why, and with some clear guidelines about how to get where we want to go.

David Thomas, Head of Kantar TNS New Zealand

Based on the process used, the experience has helped widen the perspective of those around the table. By enabling them to engage with the wider business, they have been able to build trust that improved the level and quality of feedback from one session to the next as people realised they had a voice and were being listened to.

Gail McNamara, National Marketing Manager, FleetPartners

Thanks so much for inspiring and helping me to find a purpose that will guide me for the rest of my life in everything I do!

Jonathan Medd, Principal  Golder Associates, Victoria.

The work injected impetus and direction into what had previously been a fragmented group, aligning everybody to an inspiring vision and providing us with the understanding and tools to sustain the focus.

John Leuthart, Chairman Govett-Brewster Foundation.

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